SITA kit (part I : theory, part II: practice)

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Part I : idea, philosophy, concept of SITA

A page to explain the SITA-concept which is a way to fight islam and islamization in western countries by acting

In French SITA means Sensibilisation à l'Islam Tous Azimuts, it could be translated into Stop Islamization and Terrorist Actions.

To all friends fighting Islam (its texts) but not Muslims = main victims of Islam.
The Islamization of Western countries is carried out in several ways and the building of mosques is an essential component as it is the place where children are indoctrinated to hate Western values and become future jihadists. An important detail, no mosque is without a Madrassa, a term which is misleading for Westerners. Koranic schools or schools for learning Arabic or tutoring school use only one teaching book, the Koran! Imagine the outcry if we learned English-language only from the Bible.
Our country, France is the country of Europe with the most immigrants from Muslim culture. They are not all muslims as the Islamo-leftists and the government would have us believe. They say there are 6 million Muslims in France which is a brazen lie. In reality, there are 6 million people of North African origin. This lie bears the subliminal message: "see how many Muslims there are. We are therefore obliged to meet their legitimate religious requests: to build mosques, to reserve hours at the pool for Muslims, to serve halal meat in canteens” Actually only 10 to 15% practice and go to the mosque regularly as is the case for Christians and Jews, I think.
In the forefront on Islamization, we are also ahead in the fight against the building of mosques and the only effective method that we have found and that we use is inspired by Amnesty International, and is the mailed information with an envelope and a stamp It stems from the snowflake phenomenon: one snowflake on a roof, two flakes, three flakes nothing happens but a few billion flakes and roof collapses.

Action SITA is what?

SITA action is an article published on the Internet inviting people to mail stamped letters for example in the direction of future neighbours of mosques to make citizen groups or associations defending secularism   launch appeal to the administrative courts to overturn municipal decisions that do not respect the law  and this has been met with much success.
SITA actions are varied and can be directed against the mosques, the entry of Turkey into the European Union, the largely islamophile clergy of the Catholic Church so.

Examples of Action SITA campaigns launched in France :
1) aborted mosque project at Tournon sur Rhone including a brief history has been recorded on this page:
2) Action against the Catholic clergy believer in the Islamic-Christian dialogue:

A platform for Actions SITA is what?
A blog or website that initiates Actions SITA by creating or by incorporating by copy/paste from other sites such as (in France) :

The SITA concept is what?
Inspired by Al Qaeda we decentralize as much as possible Actions SITA campaigns to achieve nebulous, independent platforms that governmental powers can never completely neutralize in all their numbers and spread especially if these platforms are hosted abroad.
Each platform Actions SITA is totally independent and reports to nobody.
Why what works in France won't work elsewhere? On the next page there are 40 mosque projects contested in France since 2005, proof of a popular ripost :
Also we have a dream:
To export this concept of Actions SITA against mosques (or other targets) to other countries that do not have a law similar to the law of 1905 in France. For that we need people who study carefully in order to assimilate the concept SITA and tailor it to their own country if possible. Anybody interested in creating a SITA-platform from his website must read the part II : How create one's first SITA action?. When we have a SITA-platform in the USA, The UK, germany, Spain etc we will be very glad and afterwards we will go fishing!
For example, in all countries future neighbours of a mosque can be warned by mail that the value of their property will halve, that on Fridays, the day of collective submission to Allah for Muslims, there will be problems with cars parked everywhere. This will be followed by the chant of the muezzin from the top of the minaret 5 times a day. This letter may incorporate an introduction leaflet to Islam, currently available in French, English and Spanish: "all islam in 2 pages"
It is to be hoped that alerted citizens of a city will demand explanations from their elected municipal officials or dhimmi politicians and launch actions to reject mosques using the laws of their country.

Our SITA motto :

You have an envelope, a stamp thererfore you've got the POWER....................... say any public person YOUR OPINION.
So, don't hesitate......................get involved with SITA-actions inspired by Amnesty International.

Part II  : How to create one's first SITA action?

For a long time you have dreamt of creating your own action SITA and publishing it on your site or your blog or suggesting it for publication on other friendly sites . Today you will be able to do it. Here how:

REMEMBER: an action SITA is a text published on the Internet in reaction to an islamophile article which is also available on the Internet. This action SITA invites the readers to print out the islamophile article with added, critical replies in the form of leaflets ready to be printed, and mailed in a stamped, addressed envelope, a method successfully adopted by Amnesty International. (
According to the subject of the ‘action’, the recipients will be elected local officials (to be enlightened on the subject of Islam); randomly chosen inhabitants of a city (e.g. to inform them of the proposed building of mosques in their city); victims of Islamisation (to offer them support), servants of Islam (collaborationists: politicians, judges, artists, associations… to warn them), resisters against Islam (to encourage them to persevere and to establish links) etc .


Any Net surfer can easily and quickly react to an Internet page which either acts as an apologist for Islam in an audio, video, or text document or which announces a mosque-building project, by writing an action SITA. The webmaster reproduces it on his Web site to inform the readers and to invite them to mail their opinion to the recipients without having to write anything themselves since all is already prepared, ready to be printed out.

Note (to be jumped at first reading): We are often asked the question “why send a letter and spend money on a stamp if an email can be sent for free?” Simple answer: imagine, for example, a collaborationist mayor. If you send him emails, his secretary will quickly make one simple click, whereas each letter is inevitably opened and read. You cannot know what a letter contains without opening and reading it. Also, 100 letters of 20 G weighs 2kg and is bulky whereas 1000 emails literally do not weigh anything and are not cumbersome. E-mails can, on the other hand, be used to complement postal mailings, in other situations. For example to warn the inhabitants of a city, either randomly or semi-selected, about a mosque project being pursued which the municipality has "forgotten" to notify them about. We will explain below how to collect random or semi-random, postal addresses or email addresses for the inhabitants of the city.


I. If you are a Webmaster

You must work in your site editor to produce a document which will be published on your site and which could also be published on friendly sites by copy/paste. You place, by copy/paste, a text document which will comprise of the original article or the transcript of the original audio or video document. This is to mitigate a possible disappearance of the document (for example an article from newspaper which is moved into the subscription only section). Always specify the source of the document. Then indicate the links giving the postal addresses of the recipients of the mails (do not give the addresses directly). Specify what the reader will have to print out and put in the envelopes. The contents will vary according to the particular action but will generally consist of two sheets (printed on both sides = 4 pages) maximum to remain in the basic " 20 grammes" tariff . Indicate also the cost of postage for such a standard mail of no more than 20 grams and finish with the slogan you will find at the bottom of this page.

For example
: a European politician Mr Soandso tells us in a written, audio or video declaration that Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace and perfectly compatible with the Rights of Man. If the document is audio or video, transcribe the declaration black on white (in order to be able to print it out). Comment it possibly. To create an action SITA, starting from this declaration, invite your readers to print it out and add other documents showing how absurd and untrue his claims are and send the whole lot by post to Mr. Soandso to inform him of your disagreement. Add to this declaration a link giving the postal address of Mr. Soandso, and specify exactly what the reader must print and put in the envelope, For Mr. Soandso it will be, for example, a first sheet (front and back), possibly with his declaration and your remarks (printed directly using the navigator: File> [> Page layout Print preview] > Print). Prepare a second sheet with, for example, the leaflet " All Islam in 2 pages" that you will find in several languages at this page:
(you will find the link to print on the selected PDF-document) or the letter to humanity by Ali Sina available in English and French:
with the shortened URL version at:
(print directly using the navigator: File> [> Page layout Print preview] > Print) If the declaration of Mr. Soandso takes up only one page, you will be able to add more information on the reverse page or a drawing of Steph Bergol: (print starting from the navigator> File> Print).

Finally, indicate the amount of postage and finish with the slogan which you will find at the bottom of this page.

Your action SITA is ready: it invites the citizens to write to Mr Soandso disputing his declaration about Islam. Now you just have to publish it on your site and propose it to friendly sites, who will only be too happy to have nothing else to do but copy/paste.

To summarize: start with an article which is already written or one written by yourself. You indicate what to print and what to put in each envelope. You give the links for the adresses of the recipients of the mail. You specify the amount of postage, the final slogan and it’s finished. Your action SITA is ready. The SITA virus can START its devastation through the web of the Net and nobody will be able to stop it.

Case of an action SITA against a proposed mosque: generally following the publication of an article in a newspaper. Obvious recipients: the mayor and elected officials of the municipal council to inform them of the true nature of Islam (their names and the postal address of the town hall are easy to find with Google, generally on an Internet site of their city); other recipients: inhabitants of the city chosen randomly (or almost) to inform them of the proposed mosque project; which, very often, the municipal authorities “forgot” to inform them about.

Names and addresses of inhabitants are selected from a phone book according to a method specified further on.
To invite the Net surfers to print (directly using the navigator: File> [> Page layout Print preview] > Print) and to send by mail to these recipients the article announcing the mosque project (a first sheet printed on 1 page or 2 pages) and a second sheet on which you print the leaflet giving a presentation of Islam in the desired language that you will find here: (you will find the link to print on the selected PDF-document) so they will not be able to say later about Islam: " I did not know".
This mail of 4 pages, (2 sheets printed back and front) will weigh less 20g (basic postage rate). Indicate the amount of postage.

Method to find street names in a city

To find street names in a city (to find a directory which makes it possible to list the names and the addresses of the inhabitants by street) consult an online map service: Google Maps,,,, etc. Proceed by successive enlargement of the map until you are able to read the names of the streets.

Method to find postal addresses of inhabitants in a city from a directory

To obtain addresses of persons it is enough to give a name. The easy way consists in typing in a very common name in the country: Lopez for Spain, Smith for England etc and possibly, not to indicate a street name so as to obtain many answers. International directory for the whole world available in the following languages FR - NL - EN - GE - SP - IT and in particular for the following countries Belgium - France - Spain - Italy - Germany - the U.K. - Netherlands - Denmark - Luxembourg - Canada - USA:
Directories in France allows listings of the names and the addresses of the inhabitants by street: Consult the heading White pages of the directory:
By indicating the name of the city and the street name without indicating the number, you obtain all the subscribers of the street.
Technique to find email addresses of inhabitants in a city
A Google research with Brest"" gives you email addresses of people or associations of the town of Brest having wanadoo as a provider. By indicating another providers (,,,, etc.) you will obtain other electronic addresses.

To preserve your anonymity at the time of sending of emails, use the transport:

In your message, put a summary of the topic, the link to action SITA and invite your recipient to spread the information.

Example: a mayor who is in favour of an illegal subsidy for the construction of a mosque in (city). Subject of the message: “mosque in (city) Summary: illegal subsidy for construction of a mosque: the mayor is in favour.” See (link to action SITA).
This message is sent courtesy of the service:
Please forward in the same way to alert in full safety; to the other inhabitants.

Practical example of action SITA: Gordon Brown prostrated in front of Moslems for Ramadan 2008 in a nauseating video of dhimmitude:
The English transcription of the video:
Translate this text into your language (or to find its translation) then find the Internet link with the postal address of the UK Prime Minister and give the link to this page:

Indicate what to print and what to put in the envelope. A first sheet (2 printed pages – back and front) with the declaration of the Prime Minister (print directly using the navigator: File> [> Page layout Print preview] > Print) to which one adds, if there is place, a drawing of Steph Bergol taken from:
(Print using the navigator> File> Print), Prepare a second sheet with the choice: the leaflet " all Islam in 2 pages" that you can find in several languages in this page:
(you will find the link to print on the selected PDF-document) or
The letter to all humanity by Ali Sina available in English and French:
or in version URL shortened:
(Print directly using the navigator: File> [> Page layout Print preview] > Print)

Indicate the amount of postage for a letter of 20 grams maximum.

Finish by adding the slogan appearing here at the foot of the page.

II. If you are not Webmaster, work in any word processing.

Create your action SITA as indicated (the links will be simply inactive URLs, in simple text) and propose your action to islamo-vigilant sites or blogs with many visitors (some automatically convert the simple text URL into clickable links during the publication). Slogan to close your action SITA:

Your neighbour will not be your spokesperson.

Nobody will be your spokesperson. So create and launch your actions SITA or take part in them.

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